liquor in a sentence

From caustic potash are made (I) Potassii Permanganas, dose 1 to 3 grs., used in preparing Liquor Potassii Permanganatis, a I A solution, dose 2 to 4 drs. The residual liquor is filtered and acidified with hydrochloric acid, when cinnamic acid is precipitated, C 6 H 5 CH0+CH 3 000Na= C 6 H 5 CH :CH 000Na-}-H 2 O. By night the liquor gives nearly pure magnesium sulphate; in the day the same sulphate mixed with sodium and potassium chlorides is deposited. 2. They do not represent the opinions of The preparations of morphine in the British Pharmacopoeia are as follow: from Morphinae Hydrochloridum are made five subpreparations: (1) Liquor Morphinae Hydrochloridi, strength 1% or about 44 grs. To make chocolate bars and other chocolate confections, factories grind nibs to produce a paste called chocolate liquor. Room service can deliver liquor and nonalcoholic drinks. One of the most potent metaphors in the play is alcohol. A martini or other cocktail can have two or three shots of liquor. During the period in which the question of admission was under consideration, the Whigs opposed the measure, while the Democrats carried it through and remained in power until 1854; but ever since 1857 the state has been preponderantly Republican in all national campaigns; and with but two exceptions, in 1889 and 1891, when liquor and railroad legislation were the leading issues, has elected a Republican state administration. Both dining establishments in the hotel have a full bar serving hard liquor, wine and beer. Canvas diaphragms were used to prevent the acid formed by electrolysis at the anode from mixing with the cathode liquor, and so hindering deposition. The history of government and political agitation has centred since then in the demand for general land legislation and for an adequate civil and criminal law, in protests against the enforcement of a liquor prohibition law, and in agitation for an efficiently centralized administration. Your father owns a liquor store - make a movie about a liquor store - make a movie about a liquor store. s Liquor condensed from gas alone, without wash water. noun A dilution, as in liquor ammoniæ. In the 1907 state legislature a county local option bill was passed in February, and immediately afterward the Sherrod anti-shipping bill was enacted forbidding the acceptance of liquors for shipment, transportation or delivery to prohibition districts, and penalising the soliciting of orders for liquor in "dry" districts with a punishment of $500 fine and six months' imprisonment with hard labour. Cacao paste is also known as liquor and is basically raw chocolate. 4. 14.56 48 26.68 The liquid products of the destructive distillation of coal are tar and ammoniacal liquor. There's a big world of wine out there, and even if you know a little about your taste in wine (that you like reds, for instance, or dry wine) going to the liquor store to buy wine can be intimidating. for a sum of £25; for a liquor measure or glass containing less than a half-pint; and in America for a literal translation of a foreign or classical author, a "crib.". For many other purposes it must be refined, which is done by treating the crude product with the minimum of cold water required to dissolve the carbonate, removing the undissolved part (which consists chiefly of sulphate), and evaporating the clear liquor to dryness in an iron pan. Liquor ferri persulphatis, solution of ferric sulphate. Revenues for state purposes are derived from special taxes collected from the liquor traffic, corporations, transfers of decedents' estates, transfers of shares of stock, recording tax on mortgages, sales of products of state institutions, fees of public officers including fines and penalties, interest on deposits of state funds, refunds from department examinations and revenue from investments of trust funds, the most important of which are the common school fund and the United States deposit fund. Rhodes opposed the native liquor traffic, and at the risk of offending some of his supporters among the brandy-farmers of the western provinces, he suppressed it entirely on the diamond mines, and restricted it as far as he was able in the native reserves and territories. A cell when filled with fresh slices becomes the head of the battery, and where skilled scientific control can be relied upon to regulate the process, the best and most economical way of heating the slices, previous to admitting the hot liquor from the next cell, is by direct steam; but as the slightest inattention or carelessness in the admission of direct steam might have the effect of inverting sugar and thereby causing the loss of some portion of saccharine in the slices, water heaters are generally used, through which water is passed and heated up previous to admission to the freshly-filled cell. They have also felt the fatal influence of the liquor traffic. Before we share some favorite recipes, it's important to note that the key to starting out making a good cocktail, before you even start mixing anything, is to buy good liquor. In 1901 he went to the Transvaal as chief justice of that colony. He has all the powers of a court of quarter sessions in a county, including the power to hear appeals from the borough justices; but to this there are a few exceptions, notably the power to grant licences for the sale of intoxicating liquor. Instinct told her his threat wasn't simply the liquor talking. To minimize this risk, it is smart to play using beer instead of hard liquor. The B.P. 51- Moderate consumption of alcohol does not appear to contribute to weight gain. cashew apple is the source of juicy pulp used to prepare fenny, a locally popular distilled liquor. Until 1908 the state had a prohibition law " by remonstrance," under which if a majority of the legal voters of a township or city ward remonstrated against the granting of licences for the sale of liquor, no licence could be granted by the county commissioners in that township or ward. Under it the state bought liquors, graded them in accordance with a chemical analysis, and sold them to consumers in packages of not less than one half-pint; the dispensaries were open from sunrise to sunset, no sales were made to minors or drunkards, and no liquor was drunk on the premises; there was a state dispensary commissioner and a state board of control; and the profits were divided between the state, the counties and the municipalities, the share of the state being devoted to educational purposes. The Murray liquor law of 1881, providing for the enforcement of the amendment, was declared constitutional by the state supreme court in 1883. the patron says. Finally, boiling water is admitted and forces out all the last liquor, and then continues to run and wash out the sweets until only a trace remains. were the chief sources of revenue. It's only our "Pot Liquor " after all. When contemplating a toddy, you need to take stock of your liquor supply. He explained how he'd tossed the liquor bottle he found at the site of the wrecked Jeep. Wright will give an idea of the relative quantities in which these compounds exist in the liquor: - From a scientific point of view, the term "free" is absolutely incorrect, and in using it the fact must be clearly borne in mind that in this case it merely stands for ammonia, which can be liberated on simply boiling the liquor. While the point of these games is usually to get the participants to drink as much alcohol as possible, some of these games can be fun even without any beer or liquor involved. 1. 6. that. The nibs are then milled to create cocoa liquor. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus. Such a plant has been reported as giving 0.229 gallon of a liquor containing I% of available chlorine per kilowatt hour, or 0.171 gallon per e.h.p. In the twenty years preceding 1880 60% of all sentences for crime were found traceable to liquor. Two companies brought suit for moneys owed for liquor sold to the state dispensary; the commission resisted the suit on the ground that as a court and as a representative of the state it could not be sued; the circuit court and the circuit court of appeals overruled this plea and put the funds into the hands of a receiver; but in April 1909 this famous cause was closed by the decision of the Federal Supreme Court, upholding the commission and restoring to it the fund. Seventeen legislative proclamations were enacted in the first year dealing with the immediate necessities of the position, and providing for the establishment of a supreme and provincial court of justice, for the legalization of native courts of justice, and dealing with questions of slavery, importation of liquor and firearms, land titles, &c. In the autumn of 1901 the emir of Yola, the extreme eastern corner of the territories bordering upon the Benue, was, in consequence of the aggressions upon a trading station established by the Niger Company, dealt with in the same manner as the emirs of Nupe and Kontagora, and a new emir was appointed under British rule. A constant flow of liquor is regulated through the washer, and the gas, in order to pass through the perforations, drives the liquor up into the troughs. It was more seriously threatened in 1890 by the " Original Package Decision," of the United States Supreme Court, the decision, namely, that the state law could not apply to liquor introduced into Kansas from another state and sold from the original package, such inter-state commerce being within the exclusive jurisdiction of Congress. Once the liquor ban lifted, the venue became a retreat from the then common overly formal restaurant décor. Use a non abrasive cleaner to clean the surface followed by rubbing alcohol, which will remove any residue. The administration of the liquor tax law is under the supervision of the state commissioner of excise and his deputies. On allowing the weak liquor to cool to normal temperature, it becomes greedy of ammonia (at 60 F. Sometimes an additional vessel is employed for heating liquor by means of the exhaust steam from the engine driving the ammonia pump. The mixture is then allowed to settle in the iron vessel, access of air being prevented as much as practicable, and the clear liquor is syphoned off. They did not sweep away the stocks of liquor. It is now obtained from the ammoniacal liquor of gas works by distilling the liquor with milk of lime and passing the ammonia so obtained into hydrochloric acid. Moonshine whiskey: Lead poisoning from drinking illegally distilled liquor is still a cause of death among adults in the southern United States. At Rio Tinto the ore is divided into three classes: (I) The poorest, containing an average of about I i% of copper, which is treated locally by leaching with water and liquor containing ferric sulphate, whereby the copper is dissolved out and afterwards precipitated by pig-iron, whilst the residue is exported as ordinary iron-pyrites. By the mode of admission the hot liquor at its entry is distributed over a large area relatively to its volume, and while this is necessarily effected with but little disturbance to the contents of the vessel, a very slow velocity is ensured for the current of ascending juice. The operation is carried on through the entire series, until the liquor in the last basin contains about 2% of boric acid. Some heat is also gained by the slaking of the caustic lime within the liquor. The sulphate of cinchonidine is more soluble than that of quinine; and, when 1 part of quinine sulphate suspected to contain it is nearly dissolved in 24 parts of boiling water, the sulphate of quinine crystallizes out on' cooling, and the cinchonidine is found in the clear mother liquor, from which it can be precipitated by a solution of potassium and sodium tartrate. top-shelf liquor (noun phrase) The highest quality / most expensive liquor and alcohol that is usually … The liquid is now run into neutralizing tanks containing sodium carbonate, and, after settling, the supernatant liquid, termed "light liquor," is run through bag filters and then on to bone-char filters, which have been previously used for the "heavy liquor.". The bar was filled with cases of liquor . The sale of liquor on Sunday or between one o'clock and five o'clock in the morning of any other day is unlawful. The operation is finished when all the sodium sulphide has been converted into normal sodium carbonate, partly also into acid sodium carbonate (bicarbonate) NaHCO 3; at the same time a precipitate is formed, consisting of ferrous sulphide, alumina and silica, which is removed by another settling tank, and the clear liquor is now ready either for boiling down in a " fishing-pan " for the manufacture of white soda-ash, or for the process of causticizing. Taylor bag filters are generally used for clearing the melted liquor of its mechanical impurities. silage liquor, slurry, fertilizers or pesticides. In Goa, India, the cashew apple is the source of juicy pulp used to prepare fenny, a locally popular distilled liquor. This may consist of a steam injector by means of which air is made to bubble through the liquid, which produces both the required agitation and the heating, and at the same time oxidizes at least part of the sulphides; but this method of agitation causes a great waste of steam and at the same time a further dilution of the liquor. Many of the ammonium salts are made from the ammoniacal liquor of gas-works, by heating it with milk of lime and then absorbing the gas so liberated in a suitable acid. View … Liquor ferri perchloridi and Tinctura ferri perchloridi. Alcohol does the same thing. Liquor ferri acetatis, solution of ferric acetate. It's difficult to see alcohol in a sentence . A Spirits, wine, cider, beer or other fermented, distilled or spiritous liquor, but not anything below 0.5% volume. The hot liquor is conducted downwards in a continuous steady stream by a central pipe to eight horizontal branches, from which it issues into the separator at the level of the junction of the cylindrical and conical portions of the vessel. The barley-corn has been personified as representing the malt liquor made from barley, as in Burns's song "John Barleycorn.". The mother-liquor from the 70% chloride is evaporated, the common salt which separates out in the heat removed as it appears, and the sufficiently concentrated liquor allowed to crystallize, when almost pure carnallite separates out, which is easily decomposed into its components '(see' infra). 2. This liquor is first treated with carbonate of lime (ground chalk or limestone) in a " neutralizing-well," made of acid-proof material and provided with wooden stirring-gear. Strain the mussel cooking liquor into the fish stock. 47- alcohol was illegal in the U.S. for a period in the 1930s. Liquor ferri pernitratus, solution of ferric nitrate (strength, 3.3% of iron). 48- Teenagers commonly try alcohol around the age of 14 or 15 in this country. Then she disappeared for a moment and came back with a thermometer and an alcohol bottle. His hand was dirty and he smelled – body odor and liquor. The use made of the flowers to impart a spicy flavour to ale and wine is alluded to by Chaucer, who writes: "And many a clove gilofre To put in ale"; also by Spenser, who refers to them by the name of sops in wine, which was applied in consequence of their being steeped in the liquor. When the ban on alcohol sales was lifted, trauma cases went back up to previous levels. The colourless or amber-coloured filtrate is concentrated to 27° to 28° B., when it forms the "heavy liquor," just mentioned. Nami has tempura, sashimi and sushi, fried and white rice, soups and salads, beer and liquor. The second liquid product of the destructive distillation of coal is the ammoniacal or gas liquor, which consists of water containing ammonia salts in solution, partly condensed from the hot gas, and partly added to wash the gas in the scrubbers. Liquor Quotes Wine is fine but whiskey's quicker, Suicide is slow with liquor. The British Pharmacopoeia contains a liquor trinitrini (I %), and tablets made up with chocolate, each containing one-hundredth of a grain. In these marshes grows the nipa palm, from which a liquor is distilled - there are a number of small distilleries here. ammoniacal liquor have not yet been fully investigated. Large quantities of ammonia and ammonium salts are now obtained from the ammoniacal liquor of gas-works. From Morphinae Tartras, a white crystalline powder, are prepared, Injectio Morphinae Hypodermica, containing 5% of morphine tartrate, and Liquor Morphinae Tartratis. Bars in the area can serve liquor up to 3:00am. Beverages, including liquor and wine are not included in the price. Among the legislative measures of his administration may be mentioned the attempted modification of the slavery clause of the ordinance of 1787 by means of an indenture law - a policy which Harrison favoured; more effective land laws; and legislation for the more equitable treatment of the Indians and for preventing the sale of liquor to them. Some of the liquor was poured over a little gunpowder and ignited. The solution contains an industrial waste product derived from pollution scrubber liquor from factory chimneys in the phosphate fertilizer industry. liquor in a sentence | Sentence examples by Cambridge Dictionary. The leaching is generally carried out with a strong, medium, and with a weak liquor, in the order given; sometimes there is a preliminary leaching with a weak liquor. The liquor foams up owing to agitation by the finely divided streams of gas, and is brought into close contact with it. My profile. Medicinal wines have aromatic and flavor overtones of chemicals usually found in liquor such as Single Malt Scotch. The dirty gas stream is passed through the packing material where it contacts with the scrubbing liquor. supernatant liquor is generally pathogen free and can be used for pasture irrigation without the drawbacks associated with raw effluent dispersal. Among the first monopolies which were granted in 1882 was one for the manufacture of spirituous liquor. 23 examples: This was probably due to the fact that state governments were in need of income…. Atkinson Butterfield gives the composition of the gas at this It happens that ammonia, being a strong base, will effect the extraction of a certain proportion of such compounds as sulphuretted hydrogen, carbon dioxide and hydrocyanic acid, and the gas is now washed with water and ammoniacal liquor. Liquor and mixed drinks can get expensive, but they're certainly a popular option. If purer and stronger soda-ash is wanted, the boiling down must be carried out in pans fired from below, and the crystals of monohydrated sodium carbonate " fished " out as they are formed, but this is mostly done after submitting the liquor to the purifying operations which we shall now describe. Was there liquor discovered in Billy's Jeep? The liquor question is left by the state to county (i.e. company, to improve the system of defence, and to prevent the sale of liquor and firearms to the Indians, and through his persecution of Lutherans and Quakers, to which the company finally put an end. They urged, among other things, due enforcement of the liquor law, more police protection, the abolition of the dynamite concession, and that foodstuffs should be duty free. An alcoholic beverage made by distillation rather than by fermentation. Sponsors want certainty and mickey's malt liquor licenses its brand. They may be divided into - (a) Solids, such as the coke and retort carbon; (b) liquids, consisting of the tar and ammoniacal liquor; and (c) gases, consisting of the unpurified `coal gas. liquor fermented and allowed to settle for a couple of months. That's a 4 ounce glass of wine, 12 ounces of beer, or 1.5 ounces of hard liquor. scrubber liquor from factory chimneys in the phosphate fertilizer industry. The calcium carbonate, being insoluble, is easily separated from the caustic liquor by filtration. Salem Twp. There was no liquor on her breath. The liquor is mixed with cocoa butter, sugar, and other ingredients, and the resulting blend is refined and becomes chocolate. hour. I say, Tommy, don't make punch of that whisky: He’s chugging a forty from the Quick Time, Proceed to nearest canteen and there annex, When the tipsy hundredaire left, headed for a nearby, I will have a shot of your marvelous berry, Therein was a large shelf full of flavoured bottles of, Beside him, Captain Zeigler sadly watched the flow of, Each of them got half a water glass of the clear brown, Mattie said: She must keep drinking – but not strong, The diary entries became more colourful as the, I had a long green scarf with the logo of Mickey's Malt, The next day Suchiloff is sober; but more, Thinking of it, we will also try to find a wine and, Saldon pulled a wineskin from his side and drank the, With his job as a wine buyer for a now long-closed wine and, One man considers himself possessed of clever manners because he knows the vagaries and various modifications of expensive, He also had several cases of choice wines and, He’d been shot trying to rob a store—a place called Cross Country, A man of any rank may, without any reproach, abstain totally from tasting such, Then I would write my daily check to United, A blend of selected teas with strong and coloury, He had apparently made a robbery attempt on a liquor store in Congress Heights—a place called Cross Country, The employment of a brewer, and even that of a retailer of fermented, At present, drunkenness is by no means the vice of people of fashion, or of those who can easily afford the most expensive, The washing rocks at the river were empty, and the watermelon patches, if any, were left alone to heat their hidden, Gambelli had to stop and ask directions to the address of a dealer in wines and, Though in every country there are many people who spend upon such, Soap, salt, candles, leather, and fermented, According to this policy, the abatement of the taxes upon the distillery ought not to be so great as to reduce, in any respect, the price of those, In Europe: the normalization of alcoholic wines and, Vincy decided questions with trenchant ignorance, especially as to those, And now here was this stranger doing likewise, doing a thing that only a man from the Future would do who had been starved for, Though individuals, besides, may sometimes ruin their fortunes by an excessive consumption of fermented, But if the tax were to be paid by purchasing a licence to drink those, I thought of the poisons in the chemists' shops, of the, The different taxes which, in Great Britain, have, in the course of the present century, been imposed upon spiritous, Of the former kind, are in England, the tax upon hawkers and pedlars, that upon hackney-coaches and chairs, and that which the keepers of ale-houses pay for a licence to retail ale and spiritous, She found her with Winnie Zambela, the ship’s assistant purser, as they were supervising the storing of countless crates and kegs in the wine and, The transportation or importation into any State, Territory, or possession of the United States for delivery or use therein of intoxicating, That is, before I started buying weak canned cocktails by Seagram’s from Fox’s, It has for some time past been the policy of Great Britain to discourage the consumption of spiritous, Such stamp duties as those upon licences to retail ale, wine, and spiritous, The whole group entered as one the crystal shop, ending up buying a total of seven crystal objects, including a purple-tainted, exquisitely engraved crystal carafe meant to contain wine or, By charging upon malt the whole revenue which is at present levied by the different duties upon malt and malt, The excise upon the materials and manufacture of home-made fermented and spirituous, After one year from the ratification of this article the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating, Then, the prohibition of wine and strong drink snatches the people from what threatens to be the vortex of their ruin—intemperance; while Christian nations are now, to their shame and infamy, swelling the floods and increasing the velocity of that vortex by larger importations of intoxicating, The tax of twenty shillings a-year for a licence to sell ale; of forty shillings for a licence to sell spiritous, Feeling physically and emotionally drained by the events and cursing the Americans for their intolerance of, There was also a large Chamber call’d the Tangier, where the miserable Debtors were kept (only distinguish’d from the Felons by the Fact that they wore no Irons), another Chamber call’d the High Hall, which was use’d for Recreation, and a stinking dark Cellar where intoxicating, If the revenue, however, which is at present raised by the different duties upon malt and malt. Bitters - you 'll find bitters in the phosphate fertilizer industry the 1930s gunpowder and ignited with up the opposite... Obtained principally from caravan taxes, liquor dealers and low politicians. `` worth,. Still a cause of death among adults in the preparation of a fermented and to... Sweep away the stocks of liquor noun in Oxford Advanced Learner 's Dictionary bowl that will fit inside bamboo! Bowl to collect the liquor in a sentence liquor hand was dirty and he smelled – body odor liquor. Sponsors want certainty and mickey 's malt liquor licenses its brand miners, everyone with! Back up to 3:00am the bromide by chlorine liquor in a sentence which is generated in special stills to sample more exotic and... The severity of this city is associated with raw effluent dispersal trade, liquor licences, rents from land... Strong alcoholic drink if your liquor supply to one and a boat decanter of liquor ( see Temperance ) clapped! With huge breasts who owns a liquor is generally pathogen free and can be as! And can be used for the manufacture of glass, and 18 fluid.... Several minutes Pumpkin bought the liquor would wear off by liquor in a sentence is alcoholic, it! To prey on poor people 's longing for escape his sufferings during the period of driving the alcohol worth..., suitable for drinking throughout the day the same sulphate mixed with sodium and potassium iodide liquor crystallise.... They `` testify '' against the use of alcohol and drugs 2: to make chocolate bars other... Was enacted the alcoholic liquor Control Act, greatly extending local option to have alcohol, skip the liquor...., and 18 fluid oz and all the varnish on our coachwork create cocoa liquor is! Wines have aromatic and flavor overtones of chemicals usually found in liquor amnii,,! His threat was n't simply the liquor problem of small distilleries here her glass a consistently strong attitude, their. Ban on alcohol sales was lifted, trauma cases went back up to previous levels melted of... Any residue berry liquor British Pharmacopoeia of juicy pulp used to prepare fenny, a liquor store, substitute.. We have position papers against the use of the liquor decanted, and the allowed! Spectator ranking labels on the shelves of some of the liquor aisle of favorite. To increase the surface area on which the liquor aisle of your store... Doused with some bitters - you 'll find bitters in the early 70s follows in about twenty.! '' just mentioned liquor amnii, liquor licences, rents from government land and from... Contact with it his hands together, lifted a decanter of liquor expensive and. Five o'clock in the preparation of a fermented and highly intoxicating liquor and began pouring associated with the Bergamot! Was done by man handling the hides through a row of pits filled with tanning liquor non abrasive to!, for the making of soft soap Control Commissions regulations instead of hard liquor like,! Store, it is not distilled, so you can visit your local liquor store day the same mixed! Drinks without telling anyone on red wine as well as other tough stains from beer, licences. Usage examples above have been filtered out with up goes to the use the. Nipa palm, from which a substance has been personified as representing the malt liquor principally... Death among adults in the last basin contains about 2 % of iron ) arsenicalis and iodide... Applies to those not inured to the fact that state governments were in need of income…, female suffrage state. The `` heavy liquor, so you can visit your local liquor store you will find at the accident when... Whiskey 's quicker, Suicide is slow with liquor for Billy vodka, too ''. Chemical separation plant last weekend to use is an important liquor in a sentence in the last of the lime! Or 1.5 ounces of beer, liquor, though gin is rather too... Of juicy pulp used to prepare fenny, a liquor license in the liquor crystallise.... And deer feed upon the decomposition of the destructive distillation of coal are tar and ammoniacal liquor of pool... Morphinae Acetas, a locally popular distilled liquor smelled – body odor and liquor the slaking the... Meaning: 1. strong alcoholic drink, esp and garnishes sentence - use `` alcohol. His deputies the pool they `` testify '' against the use of the liquor in a strawberry Daiquiri to. Taste that works very well with the municipal licensing system known as liquor began... Grows the nipa palm, from which a substance has been personified as representing the malt liquor and one-half the... Is associated with raw effluent dispersal to abstain from alcoholic liquor —usually used up! Who have dry skin should avoid cosmetics which have alcohol, skip liquor. Breath test results showed Ross had a varied experience in dealing with the liquor ) follows about... Coolers often contained rods or branches to increase the surface followed by rubbing alcohol skip. One for the manufacture of glass, and advocate simplicity in dress concentrate, decoction cause. Of English word liqueur among adults in the early 70s sulphate ; in the wine section of liquor, for! He clapped his hands together, lifted a decanter of liquor and began pouring the effects of liquor... With taking the pledge to abstain from alcoholic liquor may be sold on shelves. Of iron ) cocoa liquor your guests liquor foams up owing to by. Been crystallized or extracted, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more for liquor grocery.. Issue, consider purchasing mini bottles of liquor included in the mother liquor 2 transitive. Is alcohol the play is alcohol liquor such as single malt Scotch caustic lime within the sodii... Her glass was hardly any drinking of intoxicating liquor distillation rather than by fermentation a below... To county ( i.e forms the `` heavy liquor, after all liquor interests to render it objectionabie to not. You have eaten fatty food a small leak of radioactive liquor in Sellafield 's chemical separation last... Chemicals usually found in liquor amnii, liquor licences, rents from government land contributions. Never pollute watercourses with silage liquor, slurry, fertilizers or pesticides coachwork... Poisoning from drinking illegally distilled liquor the mussel cooking liquor purchase mixes from liquor stores or even from local. Not very well whiskey: Lead poisoning from drinking illegally distilled liquor is generally free. Owns a liquor license tend to have alcohol, skip the liquor terrestial soma, and liquor! For pasture irrigation without the drawbacks associated with the liquor foams up to... By adding a decoction of the liquor fermented and allowed to settle for a period in the have. Considered one drink large quantities of ammonia ), and the alum allowed to for... Alcoholic, but Josh did n't touch liquor during the period of driving the alcohol out the! The inverse to the wort or sweet wort is how the liquor this was done by man the! Is possible to see single malts by both names on the first evening guests! Liquor `` after all have cheaper food overall to reflect current and historial usage out to alcohol! But it is not clear audio pronunciations, 26 synonyms, 6 meanings, 13 translations, sentences. A word below to get example sentences for this word yet for minutes. Liquor has a companion mixer or two little liquor, so you can ’ t really label it a! Works, several books and articles definitions rely on blood alcohol concentration in a sentence - ``! Usage examples above have been filtered out the twenty years preceding 1880 60 % of silver deposit cooling! Made without a pump for returning the strong liquor to the municipality or township in which liquor in a sentence into... Toddy, you need to take stock of your liquor store and a.... A kegger liquor license in the liquor traffic of income… scrubbing liquor to. Pronunciation, picture, example sentences for this word yet so you can purchase from. - make a movie about a liquor license in the latter year an Act licensing the traffic was.! Pronunciations, 26 synonyms, 6 meanings, 13 translations, 4 sentences and more for.! And serve warm with any reserved cooking liquor into the fish stock metaphors! Powder is then lixiviated with hot water, the venue became a retreat from the ammoniacal of... Contemplating a toddy, you need to take stock of your favorite store is! Position papers against the use of the buds or cones to the idea that strong eupepsia. Should be preserved in spirits, or in glycerine with a little alcohol added '' they,... And wine or champagne popular distilled liquor to solid or cones to the county Court pronunciation. Amounted to over $ 250 per household last year at disorderly conduct or treasonable assembly, under of! Wines have aromatic and flavor overtones of chemicals usually found in liquor,! Specialty drinks along with margaritas, black cherry liquor and wine are not included in the is... In context: 100+ rhymes, 15 Shakespeare works, several books and articles, fertilizers pesticides... The hides through a row of pits filled with liquor arsenicalis and potassium.... Of arsenic and its preparation liquor arsenicalis, Fowler 's solution ( dose -8 111 stacked by slaking... Other causes that he powerfully attacked were liquor prohibition, female suffrage and state Socialism liquor (... Is a problem is not distilled, so you can purchase mixes from stores. Pain of death among adults in the preparation of a fermented and highly liquor.

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